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Our Mission


Keystone Lighting Solutions (KLS) is Lighting Design & Consulting firm offering a variety of services and solutions focused on helping our customers maximize the value of their lighting systems.  While "value" is defined differently for each customer, based on their unique needs, our solutions consistently deliver significant economic, sustainability and performance results.  This focus on results is reflected in our company mission to...

Approach to Creating Value


KLS has developed a portolio of services and solutions that impacts all aspects of a lighting system design and can be applied to building/site renovations, street/area lighting applications or new construction.  KLS not only can design a solution that meets our clients needs but we also can assist with procurement of the materials and labor, development of standards for use across a portfolio of facilities, management of individual projects or entire programs and provide design-build services when requested.  


KLS is uniquely positioned to provide an unmatched breadth of services based on it's deep industry expertise and focus on this single technology of lighting systems.  While customers can choose one or more KLS services or solutions that meet their immediate needs, many choose to leverage the whole portfolio of services to maximize results.


To aid with your evaluation of our services and solutions, we use three categories.  Our Program Solutions are for clients looking to develop extensive lighting upgrade programs possibly over multiple years for many facilities and locations.  Our Project Solutions define those services that are used to develop individual projects, that may or may not be part of a larger program.  Finally, our Additional Solutions represent services that may be used as separate engagements or to complement other existing projects.

Leadership Team

Michael S. Fuller, LC, IESNA


Mr. Fuller started KLS leveraging a 20+ year career in the lighting technology and management consulting industries.  Mr. Fuller has held leadership positions with lighting design, lighting ESCO and electrical wholesaler companies.  A common theme in all of Mr. Fuller's previous professional roles has been developing a firm understanding of customers needs, developing innovative services and solutions and delivering significant and long-lasting value to customers.


You can contact Mr. Fuller directly at


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Contact Us


814.880.7747 - Phone

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